Welcome to my world. Hang up your coat and stay a while.


Hello gentle readers,
I have considered writing a weblog for quite some time. What stopped me was the thought of being too trendy. The idea of doing something everyone else is doing, simply to go along with the crowd, I have to admit, is a little repelling to me.  Then I came to  realize two things:
One: I am a unique person, therefore, my thoughts and blog will not be identical to everyone else’s.
Two: I enjoy helping others. As cliché as it sounds, it is nice to help others. I used to be a barista and slice chef, and I absolutely loved the feeling of nourishing others.
So naive. But true.
So it is my hope that my words, tips, reviews, etc might help bring a little nourishment to others.
How interesting that I begin my new blog on the day marking the Independence of my wonderful nation. Hopefully that will bring my log some good luck.

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