So, some time ago I discovered Diamond Candles.

Why is it called Diamond Candles?

Because as the wax melts, a ring appears!

A ring worth anywhere from $10-$5,000!

I have been itching to get one, but as a young college student, I am not always sufficiant in funds. 😦

However I found a link via the Diamond Candles Pinterest ( ) coupon code on a white chocolate scented candle.

Now I do have to mention, a partner of Diamond Candles got my email address and sent me a really obnoxious email before my candle came. I was a bit annoyed  but I contacted Diamond Candles customer support and they were awesome about it.

Now after what seems like much more than a few days……

It finally has arrived!


Now white chocolate would not have been my first, second, or third choice of scent. But I think Serendipity has a sense of humor because I LOVE this scent!

I honestly did not think it would smell this good. The scent is strong without being overwhelming.

Now for the REALLY exciting part….the RING!

Image See that gold dot? That is my ring in utero.

Now we light it.-


and play the waiting game……….


It is extra flamey!

Some customers can’t wait and elect to dig it out with a spoon. I was determined to be patient.

Which is a test for me because I am VERY impatient!!!

Soon enough it was time for the ring!

Now I was going to be a good little blogger and get pictures of the whole process of pulling the ring out and showing it with the wax covered gold foil, but the foil tore and as soon as I caught a glimpse of my ring I was too excited to care about the pictures!

Bad Senna.

One one hand I didn’t get lucky because I could tell right away I didn’t get an expensive ring.

On the other I got lucky because I totally love it.


I am not really a big diamond fan because of the political upheavel diamond mining can cause.

Also, it’s the kind of vintage look I adore.

So Diamond Candles: great and fast customer service, fabulous, high quality scented candle,  a pretty jar I get to keep after the candle is gone, and a pretty little bit of costume jewelry.

My only complaint is the wick. It was a bit hard to light and to blow out as well. First time I tried I got wax on my dresser! 🙂 I would recommend getting one of those candle putter outters on a stick. 🙂

But I will definately be buying from them again!

This post wasn’t paid for by Diamond Candles. But if would like to send me another candle to review I would be happy to help!!!

Thanks for reading!