Hidden Treasure Candles Review and Giveaway

I recently had the oppertunity to write a review for Hidden Treasure Candles. If you remember, not long ago I posted a review about Diamond Candles, a candle that comes with a ring inside. Hidden Treasure Candles is a twist on the same kind of concept.

In every soy candle there is a gold,silver or platinum plated necklace, valued anywhere from 15-25 bucks. Except for the candles that come with codes for an iPad a Le Vian Necklace, or Tiffany & Co. Pendant. Some of the scents availale are Country Blueberry, Happy Birthday,Southern Vanilla, Southern Sunshine, Macintosh Apple. They also just released a series of fall scents like Apple cider barrel, Crisp Autumn Leaves and Amish Spice. They also have some layered scents like cinnamon apple and an all American Pie that I would LOVE to try. The All American Pie sounds especially awesome with strawberry vanilla and blueberry in a patriotic palette.

It was a hard decision, but I wanted a floral scent, so I got Rainkissed. My candle arrived right on time, safely in bubble wrap. The candle itself is very pretty, it is a lovely warm green color with a pretty purple label.

When I first opened it, I was concerned, because I thought it smelled VERY strong. However, it has become more powdery and fresh as it burned. It is nice and fresh and clean smelling. It reminds me of of clean laundry. I have burned it on a nice cool rainy day and it is perfect!I have burned it quite a bit since I have purchased it and it is nowhere near running out. I will have it for a few months if not a couple of years! It lights well and burns very clean. I have had plenty of cheap candles that always melt into big puddles of yuck. They also don’t hold their smell and smoke as they burn. I burned it for a couple days and sooner than I thought, I was able to get my treasure.

I got a beautiful necklace. I freaking love it.  It is pictured above with the little scroll every candle comes with, going along with the Hidden Treasure theme. I also was very pleasantly surprised to receive a wax tart sample of sweet pea candle. It smells VERY nice as well!!

In summation: I love my candle and necklace. I would recommend them to others and I want another one! Now you can try your luck because Hidden Treasures and Sennasation are bringing you a giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck. Senna


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