I stumbled across project 7 and instantly knew I had to spread the word about them. They provide an amazing product while helping others.

I received some yummy Nicaraguan Coffee to review. Project 7 describes this coffee bean as bright chocolate flavor with a creamy body and buttery caramel like finish. Some of my favorite words are in that sentence.

While I loved this blend, there are several others to choose from that can be selected from this link: http://store.project7.com/coffees/

This coffee is rich and nice and dark. If you don’t know, coffee can vary based on where it is harvested from. Nicaraguan coffee will taste much like the Columbian coffee you are probably used to.

This coffee was nice and rich and flavorful and would appeal to anyone who loves coffee. It would make a great gift, (hint the Teach Them Well blend would be a great teacher gift!!!)

The beans come whole, so you will have to grind them yourself. That might sound a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but really, it is not hard. I used a magic bullet to crush them. Grinding them fresh allows for an amazing flavor and aroma.

A subscription includes two-12 oz. canisters of “Feed the Hungry” coffee shipped directly to your home every month.

Each Feed the Hungry project supports seven families, right here in America.

For more on Project 7 Feed the Hungry Projects: http://www.project7.com/causes/hungry/