Review-Parnevu Hair Products


This has been one of my very favorite products that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I also have to comment on the wonderful professionalism of the employees I worked with to bring this review to my gentle readers.
I have used tea tree oil for my skin but never for my hair. Not sure why I never thought to make the connection but I am glad I finally did!
Before I got these, I was using a shampoo of a popular brand that promised to strengthen my hair. To put a long story short, it most definitely did not do as advertised. My hair felt more brittle and fragile and just plain awful.

After the first shampoo, I already felt a difference. It feels stronger and healthier.
The smell is herbal, and when you are used to very overly floral or fruity smelling hair products, it might be a little off-putting. PLEASE do not let that stop you from trying these products. You will be happy with the results.
Be careful not to use too much shampoo, I am one of those people who uses gobs and gobs of shampoo in one wash. This product does not require gobs and gobs to be effective or to feel like it’s working.
Now it might sound vain to write so much about a hair product, but the truth it, Parnevu is helping me to reach a goal. I am growing my hair out to donate 8 inches to Beautiful Lengths. Before I was able to try these products, There was a good possibility I would not have been able to do this. That is how bad my hair was, unhealthy and brittle hair isn’t going to help the cause I am trying to promote.
So thanks Parnevu for making it possible for me to enjoy healthier and easier to manage hair and helping me to help others.



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