Imagine waking up one morning from a dream so powerful it changed your life.
Imagine being locked in a room and beaten for a poem you wrote about something you loved by your own brother.
Imagine hiding something huge from your spouse, friends, family and loved ones.
Imagine believing in something so much you were willing to die for it.
It is happening now in parts of the world.
In this review I am writing about “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?”
In this book Tom Doyle and Greg Webster spin the true stories of Muslims throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia who are now discovering a new life in Christianity. Many of the people highlighted in this book became Christians through a very beautiful path of enlightenment.
These new Christians are often being awakened to the light of Jesus by dreams they have.
I was particularly moved by the story of Fatima in chapter five, about an amazingly brave Islamic poet who was beaten and killed by her brother for becoming a follower of Christ.
As someone who grew up with people of all faiths, I was concerned that this book would be hateful towards Muslims in general, but I felt that it was written with love and acceptance and respect.
The stories come from Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and the United States.
These are stories of modern day martyrs who are living in fear and risking and sacrificing their very lives for their new faith. This is a very interesting book that I would recommend to someone who wants to learn more about modern Christianity.