I was recently granted the opportunity to review Halftee.Check them out here.  http://www.halftee.com/
Halftees are a company that specialize in a layering top. They are comfortable and allow the person whois wearing it to feel like they can move without risking a wardrobe malfunction.
I chose the 3/4 sleeve length Halftee in black. http://www.halftee.com/collections/the-original/products/the-original-three-qtr-halftee

I was pretty thrilled with the performance of this top. In particular, the way it feels. It feels quality and comfortable.

I would hugely recommend these shirts to one particular group- dancers. In my experiences in theatre and dance, Many dancers are always looking for shrugs and other tops they can throw over a leotard. Many college dance teams, competitive teams and minor and major league sport dance teams require that women wear a cropped shirt that shows their tummy. Sometimes even a color is required, for example ,women trying out Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders need a cropped red shirt. A Haltee is a great option for such women, this is a top you could use at times other than the audition. They are basic enough they can be worn in performances.
I also know professional musicians who have to wear a lot of black, and cover their chests and arms. Halftee offers a lace version that would be perfect for them. Bellydancers would live in these!

Here are some of the looks I came up with.

I adore my fall out boy tank, but I hardly get to wear it. Now it has sleeves! (Ignore my derp face.:F)


For something dressier I chose this awesome thrift store dress.

IMG_2117 (2)

Now I can wear it to dinner or a night out in a different way. It provides a whole new look, and I don’t have to worry about getting too cold, or fumbling with strapless undergarments.

Here is the website again:http://www.halftee.com/

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