This is a review of 20,000 Days and Counting The Crash Course to Mastering Your Life Right Now.
20,000 days and counting is a self-help style book. The first thing I noticed about this book was how incredibly small and thin it was. This was the first thing addressed in the preface of the book.
Author Robert D Smith addressed this by saying that the book itself was written so it could be read quickly, because life if so short and because he wanted the reader to connect with the book immediately. time was so precious that to ask for more than an hour of time was ridiculous.
Sometimes I can begin reading self -help style books with a chip in my shoulder and a bit of cynicism, but I was won over by the authors genuine and simple attitude of writing. Smith’s sunny warmth and enthusiasm shines through in the text. Sometimes his voice resembles a waggy-tailed golden retriever wondering why on Earth you are in a bad mood. It made for a pleasant read.
The author makes some simple and practical suggestions like writing a life statement and thanking those around you who help you succeed in your life. I would recommend readers of this book come armed with a highlighter and a pencil. I kept finding things I had to stop and highlight so I could remember to come back to them.
Smith encourages the reader to “read with purpose. Read with a sense of urgeancy. Read with anticipation.”
You will!