Starbox Review

Anyone who knows me can tell you I adore makeup. It is like candy to me. I can never get enough!
Starlooks was made for girls like me. They are a cosmetics company with wonderful professional quality products. They cater to makeup lovers with the Starbox subscription.
I was told I would fall in love with Starlooks products.
I was warned fairly. Because I completely and utterly did fall in love with the Starbox I received from Starlooks.jan2013_1024x1024


This is the January Starbox I recieved for review. It is still available for purchase and I highly recommend it.

I received

2 eyeliner pencils
1 amazing eye makeup brush.
1 blush
1 braclet


The blush is called the Cuty Peach blush and it goes on so nice and light. It looks very natural and soft.

( You can check out the blushes here.)


The brown eyeliner is so soft and natural looking. It is perfect for anyone who prefers a nice clean natural makeup look. It would be great for actresses who appear on film a good part of the time.

IMG_2325 (2)


Then I checked out the Diamondline Eye Pencil. Oh my goodness I adore this product. This thing is ridiculously awesome. Very effective and very gentle to your eye.

IMG_2331 (2)
This photo doesn’t do the makeup justice! I would say any actress, makeup artist, cosplayer, renissance festival employee, makeup enthusiast NEEDS this eyeliner in their arsenal.


IMG_2312 (2) I also got this super cute and fun bracelet from Abby Rose Designs.

You can shop for those products here:


I can’t wait to wear the eye liner and green bracelet on St Patrick’s Day.

I also have to gush about the brush. It is so soft and is made from humanly collected pony hair. The security in knowing that an animal wasn’t harmed to make a brush is amazingly reassuring for this animal lover.

I also have to say I think this is one of the best priced subscription boxes I have ever seen.  For all this professional quality makeup for 15 bucks is a steal.

This would make a great gift for any makeup and style enthusiast. I am so asking for this subscription for Christmas!

For more info on Starlooks, follow the links below!

This was a fun review to write, I hope it was fun to read.



I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free
item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate
links, if clicked I may receive compensation.)


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