I love ballet style flat shoes. When I was much younger I wore heeled boots all the time. I had to quit that because it started hurting my knees. No one needs knee problems. Especially at the age of 18 or 19.
Then I found Konvine a company devoted to a very particular kind of flat.
From the Konvine website:
“Rollable, foldable, ballerina flats that are comfortable, convenient & chic. A big night out, your wedding, traveling to work, the plane ride or around the office, they’re perfect for your tired tootsies!”
I have to admit, I had my doubts about these shoes, I have checked out some roll up flats before and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. I didn’t like the way they looked at all.
I was so pleasantly surprised when I got these flats from Konvine. They are leopard print with a sparkly crown decoration on the toe.

IMG_2799 (2)

They are SO adorable! They are so comfortable, and lightweight. The texture of soft suede material on the inside feels like a very tiny delicate massage on the sole of your foot.
They offer some black and white flats as well, I have met so many people who are looking for a flat white simple shoe to wear to church. This is a great option. Some buyers would go with real ballet flats However, thre are some issues with going in this direction. First of all ballet slippers aren’t really made to be worn outside, they are made to be worn on smooth wooden surfaces. Konvine shoes can be worn outside. Also, ballet and other dance shoes always come in much different sizing than street shoes. Every style and brand has its own sizing. So if you are a size 7 in a street, you can be a size 5 in a Capezio or a 4.5 in a Bloch. Konvine is so much simpler, their sizing is same as street and they run true to size.
They look high quality and look cute with jeans or a skirt. The leopard print on my shoes is so cute and classy.

I would definitely recommended Konvine to others and will be checking out other styles!!

To purchase go to: http://www.konvine.com/
You can like them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Konvine?ref=ts  (Hint: This is where the coupons live!)
Keep in touch on Twitter! https://twitter.com/KonvineShoes