I am very excited to be reviewing Studio Gear Cosmetics.

Studio Gear provided me the Invincible Gel Cream eyeliner in Lapis.  My first impression of the Invincible eyeliner was “ The colors! My goodness, the colors!” This eyeliner is available in a grey, black, brown blue and green. They are rich deep and very sophisticated.
At first, I was very, very nervous about trying any kind of color eyeliner. Especially blue, As a general rule I reel against the idea of blue eye makeup. However, I had nothing to fear. I love the deep lapis blue color. It truly does remind me of the gorgeous deep blue mineral for which it is named. I would love to see a plum come out in this line. I recommend getting a good eyeliner brush. Don’t skimp on this one, it makes a big difference in applying the cream well.

The next piece that Studio Gear sent me to review was this mascara.Oh my, this mascara. I was a little surprised of how tiny the tube was, but since mascara really needs to be replaced pretty regularly, it makes sense. However, I wasn’t disappointed in the quality of the formula. This mascara is amazing. It makes you eyelashes fluffy and pretty, yet very, very natural. I know lots of women who have trouble with mascara, they get the tiniest bit on and suddenly they have a big tarantula on their face. It’s frustrating. It is so soft and natural and perfect for everyday wear.
I also received a Lip gloss in Seduction. Now, I am a gloss snob. I am very picky about looks, flavor, small and most of all texture. If the gloss is even a tiny bit too sticky I can’t stand it for more than a minute, I have to get it off and never use it again. Stickiness was not an issue with this product. When I pulled the gloss out I gasped at the sheer prettiness of the color. This gloss has just the perfect amount of warmth and shine. It is comfortable and smells great. It lasted quite a long time after wearing without reapplying.


The Studio Gear team color designers are artists who clearly understand colors, as well as human skin tones. If you are interested in going into makeup or cosmetics as a hobby or a profession, I would have to insist that you look at studio gear. It is professional grade products and a huge selection of brushes and tools. If you are a woman who wants to look natural, I recommend studio gear cosmetics. They provide amazing, high-quality products that bring out your natural beauty.

While the studio Gear Cosmetics are already at a good price designer level cosmetics, you can save even more money with the code provided for my gentle readers.


This has been one of my favorate makeup reviews to do and I have zero complaints about Studio Gear!!


Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation.