I love costuming. I love dressing up in characters and costumes for conventions, and cosplay.
It is really hard to find those perfect accessories. It is particularly difficult to find those perfect accessories when you are on a budget.

I love pieces that I can use for many different things. I hate the idea of buying a piece of jewelry or gloves and only being able to wear it once or twice. It is frustrating because you feel like you are wasting money.

This necklace is incredible!!!! The photos don’t do it justice.

As well as being beautiful, it is well made and versitle. I feel like I could use this necklace to cosplay so many different characters. It would work for a victorian, a vampire or even a civil war ball gown.
I could definatly see it used for speicific chacters like Firefly’s Inara and anything steampunk.
Find those perfect accessories here: