I recently had an oppertunity to review some cosmetic colored contact lenses from The Dolly Eye.

Circle lenses are a lens, usually used in theatrical settings or cosplay to enhance the eye size and color.

They arrived quickly and very safely wrapped in bubble wrap. I had trouble opening the jars they came in, but that gives me comfort in knowing they weren’t tampered with.

I would definitely recommend putting your makeup on after you put your lenses in. Especially if you don’t normally wear contacts and have trouble getting them in, you’ll probably ruin your makeup and have to reapply it.

Although the lenses came in sterile glass bottles, I carefully washed the contacts in my regular contact lens solution. The lenses were a little uncomfortable at first but after about 15 minutes they felt fine. and I could see just fine out of them.

The effect is amazing.I love the way the showed up in the pictures!


Website 4/5 No search engine to help you find what you want, but the photos and description are awesome. Great Customer service.
Color/Enlargement Effect 5/5
They are Pink!
Comfort 4.5/5
After the intial discomfort they felt just fine!

to order go to: