You grow up going to church and your truly believe what you are taught by random adult volunteers who may or may not be educated or well versed in biblical texts. Who may or may not be pushing an agenda or taking out some deep seeded frustration out onto youth. Really, when you think about it, it is frightening to think of leaving your kids with an adult and not know what they are being told. Let me give a Firsthand experience, I was taught by my Sunday school teacher that Catholics were not true Christians. When my mother heard this, she quickly intervened. Since then, I have learned to take such teachings with a grain of salt. I believe had this not happened I could’ve become very jaded, disillusioned, bitter and angry against the idea of the church in general . I very possibly could have lost faith altogether.
I believe there are hundreds, if not thousands of other stories like this. The thoughts and feelings are echoed in the book I am reviewing: Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own.
Many, many young people can absolutely relate to this idea. This book is geared towards them. It is very moving and has a strong and intelligent voice. It was authored by two brothers who do an excellent job of supporting one another as well as the overall idea of this book.
I love this book. I will keep this book and give it to my child when the reach the appropriate.

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