I have tried Eyes Lips Face bodywash and was very pleased with that product, so recently I bought a four pack of eyeshadows.


The colors are lovely. However, I have to say I was dissatisfied with this makeup. The colors hardly show up at all and they brush off almost immediately. For the photo above I had to use ALOT to make it show up at all, and as soon as I brushed once with a tissue it was almost gone.

So for eyeshadow for me, I am going to have to say pass.

That doesn’t however mean that it is completely useless.

I think this would be a great product to give to a little girl to play dress up with. It looks “grown up.” But it hardly shows up on skin.

This would be a fun party favor for a princess party. At a dollar a pop you can’t beat the price.

I also was able to use some of the shadow to make a lip gloss. I have seen a little trick floating around pinterest lately about mixing a little vasaline and eyeshadow to make a custom lip gloss.

IMG_3713 (2)

It totally works.

I love the fact that I can use this stuff to make a little gloss if I need without ruining my more expensive makeup.

So even though I can’t use it for what I intended, I still can use it for something great!