Review- Quince Body Butters

Recently I was shopping for body butters as a gift, and I was becoming very frustrated by prices and selection. My go-to place is always Bath and Body Works, but the person I was shopping for doesn’t have the same lust for Bath and Body Works products that I am. I looked up other specialty stores. One boutique looked promising, the price was 18.50. That made me sick. Then I looked at shipping prices. From this particular store there were two options, one was 10.00 and the other was 50.00 Yes. You read that correctly; 50.00. For shipping. For shipping one jar of body butter that weighs less than a can of soda.
Out of pure frustration, I turned to the only help I could think of: Facebook. I sent out a blast and asked where they shop for body butters. Someone finally gave an answer; Quince.
Quince specializes in Body Butters. They only make body butters, and that is their commitment.

From the website:
Quince is proud to provide high quality skin care products to make you look good and feel good. Our body butters are brimming with natural ingredients known to improve the health and appearance of skin. All Quince products are proudly produced in our own facility right here in the U.S.A. and are never tested on animals. Be assured that our natural ingredient products are preserved without the use of parabens or ureas, and do not contain any petrolatum, mineral oil, dyes, propylene glycol or sulfates. Our continuous product research and development allows Quince to offer the very best global ingredients to our U.S. customers while enhancing our product appeal in foreign markets. Our mission is to provide high quality products that help improve skin health, smell delicious, inspire, and make you feel good all over. Quince is committed to becoming a premier manufacturer of body butters through careful research, new product development and quality manufacturing with the goal of making Quince a respected household brand name

Relaxing with chamomile and Lavender is probably my favorite scent. It has Peach, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean, which makes it sooo feminine and nice.
Back to the original problem. The prices are great. This product feels and smells fantastic. These would make awesome gifts for the girly girl in your life or anyone else who can use a little pampering. This is a boutique level product available at the Target price and is my go-to shopping for body butters.


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