I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Not long ago I purchased a fair trade body lotion. The stuff was great, but it smelled simply wretched. I went online looking for an essential oil that smelled nice and was good for skin. I searched and searched but I just couldn’t find an answer.

I have been interested in aromatherapy for some time, but it seemed like something I just didn’t have time or money to be successful at it. I have found a couple of Facebook pages that had links to recipes and they haven’t been helpful. Links are broken and you don’t get answers to questions. There is a lot of false or contradictory information in the vast stretches of our internets. It is so easy to get over whelmed and confused and you just want to give up. Then you don’t learn anything.

Enter Andre Butje and the Aromahead Institute School of Essiantial Oil Studies; who sent me a copy of this amazing book.


I have been simply blown away by this work. The book is so easy to read and use. It is full of amazingly helpful recipes for cleaners and body products.

The thing I have been most thrilled about how very genuine this publication is. Author Andrea has been teaching classes online and in person for quite a few years. This is clear when you read her book and visit her website. I feel like the author is there with me to help me. She isn’t out to sell me anything I don’t need. I feel like she really wants to help make my life better.

To purchase the book on Amazon go directly here:

Don’t go anywhere else for aromatherapy and essential oils. I know I won’t and will be learning from Andrea online for many years!

Here is a link for the ebook! http://www.aromahead.com/blog/essential-living-aromatherapy-ebook/

To further your studies in aromatherapy, you can enroll to become a Clinical Aromatherapist online. This program is approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists http://www.aromahead.com/
I truly admire the initiative of people who reach out to others with their unique abilities.

So back to my original dilemma, I simply opened my book and found the solution to my problem! Jasmine oil! Which I had in my supply! Problem solved!

Here are all of the links you could need!

Essential Living Book




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