Pike Morgan doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. His rebellious attitude and bent for vigilante justice have him on the police radar, but he’s gotten himself out of bigger trouble. Struggling to avoid any personal attachments and nervous of the roots he’s setting down against his will, Pike is eager for his next deployment with the Marine Reserve. Despite his problems with authority, Pike is a fighter, and the Marines fight hard.

On a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Pike and his squad find themselves embroiled in a heated war zone. After an American journalist is kidnapped by known terrorist Zalmai Yaqub, the whereabouts of this al Qaeda leader become a top priority for the American military. As the Marines’ rescue mission turns into a dash to avert a monumental terrorist strike, Pike finds out what’s really at stake.

Renegade by Odem is well written and an easy read. I had a hard time relating to the character, especially at first. But then you realize Pike is a daredevil and a maverick with a dash of the vigilante. He is his own person and a fighter at that. Like a Spartan or another type of warrior. This book would translate well to the big screen. It reminded me of Taken, which is one of my favorite movies. It is the sequel to the series but it definitely stands on its own. I had trouble getting into the story until about chapter 5. Then it really began to hold my interest. I gave it four stars!