This is a review of Spark by Jason Jaggard which I received free from the publisher.
I have to say I was a little disappointed in this book. This book was fine. I felt like the author was supporting a thesis that he never clearly stated. There are times when I felt the author kind of dragged on a bit, sometimes I felt that it was a constant train of thought, like several journal entries. That read only as snippets instead of a whole essay. That is a symptom of the younger generations’ social media and internet exposure. They think in terms of Facebook updates and blog entries instead of a well formed article. The thing I found most helpful was the story of a young woman who dreamed of training Olympic athletes and through a risk was granted an opportunity to start on her journey.
Many colleges these days are requiring that students take a class like “First Year Seminar” or ‘Shaping the Human Condition” of other such thing to help them adjust to a higher education and make the most of their opportunities. I feel this would be a nice text for such a college class