Review: One with Nature

(I received the following products for free in exchange for an honest review)

Then said he unto me, These waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea: which being brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed. -Ezekiel 47:8


Not long ago I was watching television and became engrossed in a documentary that centered around  what we now call the Dead Sea.

 The unique concentration of the Dead Sea waters has long been known to have medicinal value.

Historical figures including Aristotle, and Cleopatra understood this secret and it has been passed down to us today.

  One with Nature products are a great way to incorporate the healing properties of the Dead Sea into your own beauty regimine. Natural and healing ingredients like Dead sea salt and Shea butter, sage and lavender.


 With the soothing scent of warm vanilla essential oils, this lotion is packed with Dead Sea minerals, muds, salts and shea butter.I really liked this lotion. It smells softly of earthy vanilla, which I like, but if you’re used to lotions packed with mineral oils and artificial floral scents, it may be strange at first.  After a few applications, you will be sure to like it.  It leaves your skin feeling very clean and fresh and not greasy at all.


The rose petal soap was a huge hit with my best friend, I had it in my bathroom and she fell in love with the scent and feel of it. She is a vet tech and washes her hands so much that it sometimes leaves her skin feeling cracked and rough.


My favorite was the mud soap.  I think everyone should get one and use it to help unwind and take care of your skin.


My second favorite was the lavender soap. I am wild about anything lavender and this soap was no exception. It smells fantastic, and leaves your skin feeling clean and fragrant, there are lavender buds inside that help exfoliate. I have it in my bathroom an every time I walk by it I get a wiff and it smells so clean and nice.


I also received a sample of the shea butter soap, with argan oil. I used to tutor a young woman from Jordan who swore by Argan oil. She was right! Agan oil with shea butter is an unbeatable combination.

The travel sizes are perfect for luxurious skin care while traveling.  I think they would also make an amzing gift. Like an office gift with a card that says “Spread Joy Not Germs this Holiday Season!”

Overall I highly recommend One With Nature to anyone who wants to incorporate natural products into their lifestyle.

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Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.T his post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation.


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