Book Review: God Distorted

God Distorted: How your Earthly Father Affects your Perception of God and Why it Matters. By John Bishop.
“We live crippled by sin but we should not live disabled by stuff in the past.” –God Distorted
God Distorted takes a look at the relationships people have with their fathers and how that correlates with their spirituality. This book uses anecdotal evidence of how this affects not only our spiritual well- being but also our overall success and happiness in life.
The author has worked with people from many backgrounds and has even helped inmates find peace through Christianity. This book is an interesting reads for anyone interested in psychology and spirituality and how they relate. It is a must read for counselors and religious figures.
This book explores passive, absent, demanding, enabling controlling and abusive fathers and how it can damage humans to the core. It then discusses how be overcome when the afflicted realize their distress. This text is an easy read, but could be an emotionally difficult hurdle for some readers. The chapters are short and simple yet lovingly written.
“Let’s journey on toward wholeness, healing and peace.”



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