I feel like I can never find a brush when I need one, so I was thrilled to be offered this hairbrush to review, because I hadn’t seen my comb in about a week.

I received this crave detangling brush in exchange for an honest review.

From the crave team:

Tangles and knots are not only a huge pain, but they can also cause damage and breakage to hair. The Glide Thru Detangling Brush promises to end that pain and suffering. No more fighting with your brush to get through knots, no more getting your brush stuck in your hair and no more children crying at the sight of a hair brush. Our detangling brush has been designed to tackle knots and tangles head on, while also protecting your hair from breakage, damage and hair loss.

How This New Brush Will Improve Your Hair & Prevent Damage

Flexible bristles of various lengths helps to reduce pressure while the brush effortlessly glides through hair ensuring each strand is treated in the most delicate manner so breakage and split ends do not occur. The result is smooth, shiny, easy to manage hair.

Looking for a detangling brush that’s easy to hold and can be used while blowdrying, we’ve got you covered. The brush was designed with an ergonomic handle, making it comfortable to use.

Why This Brush Will Be The Last Brush You Use:

✓ Use on wet or dry hair
✓ Use on extensions or wigs
✓ Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss
✓ Smooths the cuticle layer increasing shine
✓ Massage your scalp to promote hair growth
✓ Delicate on the scalp since it is 100% Beadless so it will not dig into the scalp
✓ Easy to clean


I have mixed feelings about this brush. On one hand it did make my hair feel voluminous and very, very, soft. I don’t feel that for my hair type, it is good to use on wet hair. (I have curly hair)

If you are a mother of young children you have probably had to brush your daughter’s hair and been met with less than positive reaction. A gentle detangling brush is essential to your sanity. This felt wonderful on my scalp and I feel like it worked conditioner and oils through my hair.

I noticed that the brush bristles seemed familiar; it took me a minute to realize the last time I had seen this type of comb, it was a currycomb, used to groom horses! it was the same basic technology as horse grooming tack. No wonder it works.

As a blogger, writer and crafter, I use my hands a lot. This brush handle hurt my wrist quite a bit. I have to hold it around the brush itself and not the handle.

You can order one here:


Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.