Book Review- I Just Graduated…Now What?

I have read many self-help style books, this one was specifically written to young men and women who are coming into the real world in 2014.  I chose this title to review on a whim and I have to say, I am glad that I did. The author conducted interviews and wrote connecting material between them.

There are some amazing and successful people featured in this book, and I found their words to be very interesting and pleasant experience to read. The writing is streamlined and said with a fresh voice that is relevant to today’s youth.  Some of these stories are quite compelling.

I actually felt like I learned a thing or two which I cannot say always happens when I read.

I felt like Katherine did a great job in getting interviews with quality individuals who can actually give solid advice and even understand firsthand the challenges that young people entering the workforce face in our new world.

Although I found Actress Eva Longoria’s interview to be quite compelling, several narrations stood out to me. These said standouts include Anderson Cooper, Spanx creator-Sara Blakely, TOMS Founder-Blake Mycoskie, Professional Adventurer Bear Gryllis,  Meghan McCain, and Jillian Michaels.  I would recommend this book to lots of people. especially young people still finding their path, and I will pass this book on to others!


You can learn more about the author on her lovely website!



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