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I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I am so impressed by it. It is absolutely jam-packed with information and facts about colors and different techniques of watercolors.
I really felt like I learned a great deal about watercolor painting. I will be able to refer back to this book time and time again for when I have questions.
I learned a great deal about colors and pigments in paint, and the history of paint and the different mediums that artists have used over the centuries. I took a year of art history in college, and there were things I had never even heard of about how difficult it was to procure different pigments.
In our world today it is easy to just pop online and try to learn an art technique from an infographic or a video.
This is the kind of guide book that really proves that the print medium isn’t dead.
I would recommend this book to artists, both professional and amateur, advanced and beginner, as well as art teachers and students.