I love southern cooking and was excited to get my hands on this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I was a little disappointed, by it unfortunately.
I feel like the weakest aspect of this book were the photographs. The first photograph in the book was a rather unappetizing photograph of a dead pig. I understand that a photo like that is intended to capture the feeling of the south, but the purpose of a cookbook is to share reciepes, and the purpose of photos in a cookbook is to get me to make those receipes and make me hungry!
The photos get better though, some of them are the quality that I expect in a publication.
There are a lot of pork-centered and pork heavy dishes in this book so depending on if you don’t eat pork for religious reasons or if you just don’t like it, or weither you live for bacon, will probably create your opinion of this book.
Some of the receipes are awesome. Turkey noodle soup being a standout. There are some really great staple reciepes like simple syrup and even a few deserts and drinks that look great.
If you really love pork and home cooking, you will like this book. If not, I wouldn’t recommend it to you.