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I admit the first con I ever went to, I was completely overwhelmed with Doctor Who. There were Doctors as far as the eye could see. Ever few feet there was a sonic screwdriver, a long colorful scarfs, and red bow ties. There was a TARDIS and a Dalek prop to pose with.
I was amazed at the bredth and loyalty of this newly discovered fandom.
So I began to watch the show on Netflix, and I found I enjoyed it. I especially like David Tennet, and Matt Smith’s Doctor.
When the Doctor’s new companion Clara was brought in to fill the void Amy Pond left, I immediately liked her, and with great excitement some and high expectations Peter Capaldi was brought to bring to life the Doctor’s classic archetype.
I have enjoyed the pair on the BBC so I was stoked to get a chance to review the The Blood Cell by James Gross.
I was intriqued by this interesting POV that the author chose. I liked this nice and enjoyable read. To me it had the “feel” of Doctor Who. It didn’t read like Fanfiction.