If you have followed me at all, you know I love to read, and I am quite partial to fantasy fiction. I am excited to bring a book review about Yuriah’s Song, the debut of Author and Filmmaker Shannon Kelley.

This book is a fun read for a fantasy lover, it dives into action and immerses the reader into Yuriuh’s world. Although it is fantasy, it is still accessible to non-fantasy fans.

Yuriah’s Song is a remarkable tale of courage and survival… an epic fantasy novel about an outcast who rises against all odds for the sake of love.

Every year a great contest is held – where competitors must battle to the death through a grueling marathon of cunning traps and perilous terrain. Only the bravest and the most foolish enter, some to gain honor, some for wealth, others for power. But Yuriah has entered for a reason no one ever has before.

To save the woman he loves.

Not since The Hunger Games has a novel offered up such an enthralling story of perseverance. Full of excitement, magic, and wonder, by the end you can’t help but stand up and cheer.

You can check Shannon Kelley on his author page here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4454235.Shannon_Kelley

You can follow his work on Facebook here:

You can read and excerpt from the book and purchase it here:


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