Fierce Convicitions


The enthralling biography of the woman writer who helped end the slave trade, changed Britain’s upper classes, and taught a nation how to read.

The history-changing reforms of Hannah More affected every level of 18th-Century British society through her keen intellect, literary achievements, collaborative spirit, strong Christian principles, and colorful personality. A woman without connections or status, More took the world of British letters by storm when she arrived in London from Bristol, becoming a best-selling author and acclaimed playwright and quickly befriending the author Samuel Johnson, the politician Horace Walpole, and the actor David Garrick. Yet she was also a leader in the Evangelical movement, using her cultural position and her pen to support the growth of education for the poor, the reform of morals and manners, and the abolition of Britain’s slave trade.

Fierce Convictions weaves together world and personal history into a stirring story of life that intersected with Wesley and Whitefield’s Great Awakening, the rise and influence of Evangelicalism, and convulsive effects of the French Revolution. A woman of exceptional intellectual gifts and literary talent, Hannah More was above all a person whose faith compelled her both to engage her culture and to transform it.

History is full of amazing women who always seemed to get lost in pages of history. I had never heard of Hannah More before. I am so sorry for this because she was truly an amazing woman who left an incredible legacy. I believe this book pays proper homage to her memory.
I applaud the efforts of historians and authors who make sure that the stories of amazing women in history are told. I would consider this a biography but it reads like a novel.

Ms. More was a renaissance woman living during the years of 1745-1833. She was a teacher and a scholar. That in of itself would have been an accomplishment during that time. However Hannah was also an accomplished writer, scribing poetry, plays and a novel. She also started a school for women, an orator and a philanthropist.

This would be a great gift for any teacher or historian.



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