If you have never heard of Hatshepsut. I am sorry. I am truly, truly sorry.

Hatshepsut ruled Egypt for 22 years-not as a Queen, but as a Pharaoh.  Her memory was erased from history by an angry relative. We all have heard of Cleopatra, but never about Hatshepsut.

Whenever I hear about this amazing woman who ruled Ancient Egypt, I just get chills.

Here is Kara Cooney, Author of The Woman Who Would Be King talking about Hatshepsut:

I am greatly enjoying this book. The author clearly loves and respects Hatshepsut. I am completely hooked. A single lovingly written and well-researched book is hardly enough to remember this incredible ancient ruler. But it is a start.

Some have criticized the book as being a bit over-romanticized, and I can see where they would get that, but I enjoy this book very much.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves history or historical fiction.