I have read and reviewed many a cookbook in my day. I have been wanting to try more bread and cake recipes to expand my baking repertory. So I was excited to be able to review this book in exchange for a copy.

I was a little taken aback by this book by the start. I read the long introduction about the author’s mission in writing this book. The author talked about the Gluten free movement. I have a close friend with celiac disease who has been in the emergency room several times due to anaphylaxis. So when talk of the gluten movement comes up, I tend to get a little defensive. Not really the best first impression.

I then started reading the recipes and honestly, I got really overwhelmed fast. This book is definitely for a more advanced baker looking for a challenge. This is not a book for someone like me, who just wants ideas for stuff I can throw together quickly and make in a crockpot.

The author focused on sprouted oats and sourdough starters. Not the kind of things I am into baking. I can recommend this book to advanced bakers.