You can’t annihilate stress. But you can learn to manage it peacefully—and you don’t need to radically change your life to do so.
The powerful author team who crafted this book has the research to prove it—with more than a half dozen studies to date showing the program’s efficacy. Marrying the whole-person, systemic approach of integrative medicine with the science of resilience and the tenets of positive psychology, the authors created a method that attacks stress on every level.  This three-pronged approach gets at its roots, so stress can’t flourish, but you can.  In just 14 days, the authors teach you a new way to respond and, in turn, a new way to live.

I was at first a bit frustrated with this book because it took a forward, an introduction and two chapters until there was any real substance. It wasn’t until chapter three that I really felt like I was reading something helpful and original.

The third chapter on I really like the advice that this book offers. The authors aim to help you manage your stress rather than trying to eliminate it.  They emphasize self-reflection, emotional management, sleeping smart and balancing your work life and personal life.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve your life.