00% PURE, UNDILUTED LAVENDER OIL – Want the best therapeutic grade essential oil? Well, you’ve found it. Our Premium European Lavender Essential Oil is steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops of the English lavender and packaged in a dark amber bottle for maximized quality!

  • • Can be effective at easing headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, emotional stress and moisturizing dry scalp and hair. It is an excellent remedy for various types of pains including sore muscles, backache, rheumatism, sprains, strains and lumbago. Regular massage with lavender oil can provide joint relief. It is like having your own medicine cabinet in an amber bottle.
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  • • 100% pure premium lavender oil has a clean, light scent and is one of the most versatile essential oils. Use in a diffuser, pot pourri burner or bath water; add to unscented lotion, body wash or shampoo; make your own bath salts, soap, candles, linen spray, sachets, bug repellant, massage oil and skin toner. Apply to skin as a natural treatment for acne, psoriasis, eczema, burns and sunburn. Use in the rinse cycle while doing laundry, great for sleep and with pet dogs. Compared to other pure organic oils.
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I adore lavender, and have wanted some for a long time, so when I was asked to write an honest review in exchange for a free bottle form Nature’s Own, I jumped at the opportunity. So far, I have only been able to use it for three things. I put a few drops in a hot bath with some Epsom salts for an at home spa, (which I highly recommend). I’ve put a few drops on my wool dryer balls to make my laundry smell great. Finally, I put some in a spray bottle and used it to refresh some things I can’t put in a washer! I’ve been really happy with all the results. You can also use some with almond oil and warm water for a decent cleaner. This is one of the most versatile essential oils around, and there are tons of uses and recipes. This product is a really generous portion at a fabulous price. It isn’t diluted and I would recommend it without hesitation.