Book Review- Effortless Healing


I was pretty disappointed with this book.

First of all, I feel like most of what I read was stuff I already know, drink more water, make sure you get enough sleep, get your hugs when you can. I feel like that is pretty common knowledge.

Most of this book felt like common knowledge backed up by statistics. I didn’t feel like it was effortless at all. Unless you consider huge lifestyle changes effortless.

The biggest thing that was a turn off for this book for me was in Healing Principle 5, which was about vitamin d and sun exposure. The author recommends that the reader spend time in the sun, and use a tanning bed in the winter, without sunscreen.  I was absolutely horrified by this advice. I can’t think of a doctor who would seriously recommend prolong sun exposure without any kind of protection.  It is a well-known fact that skin cancer is a serious threat and I cannot pretend that this book recommending something that is known to be bad for you doesn’t bother me a lot. Yes, you need vitamin d, yes a little sun is good for you, but don’t act like skin cancer doesn’t exist.

There was an interesting bit about you air intake capacity, and I will continue to research some of the ideas in this book, but honestly, this isn’t one I would recommend without hesitation.

I received a free book in exchange for an honest review.



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