I adore costumes.

Lately, I have seen more and more Disney cosplays at cons and in social media, and in particular, Disney princesses.

Another trend? Jedi Disney Princesses. Which is just as fun as it sounds.


So I was excited to partner with Wholesale Costume Reviewers and to get my hands on this Aurora costume in exchange for an honest review.

I saw Maleficant in theatres and I really enjoyed it. I’ve had my eye on doing more Disney costumes as of late.

I decieded for my first Disney cosplay I would try out Aurora. I liked the movie and loved how Aurora’s gentle and trusting nature created Maleficant’s character arc and storyline. I also chose this because I liked the costume and I could wear this one with my natural hair and not have to mess with a wig!

The dress itself is very dramatic. I feel like it makes an impact when you wear it. It definitely says  princess!


The weakest part for me it the headpiece. It is a gold wire ring with some fabric leaves on it. It doesn’t quite make the dramatic and fairytale like impact that I wanted.  I will deifntly be adding pink flowers to it to make it more fun and fantastic. I personally don’t think there is any costume that will fit every single person’s needs without any alteractions or additions.

The sleeves are tight, not a question. If you have a little bit of a bigger chest, I would recommend buying a size up because there isn’t much give.

One thing I liked about the fabric is that the gold was kindof an ombre color, where in some light it had more pink and some it had more gold to it. That is a fun touch.

It closes with Velcro in the back. It definitely needs a slip.

Warning: there is lots of fine gold glitter and you know that gets everywhere! That doesn’t really bother me but it might bother some. The pink flowers detailing is a very interesting touch, I like it, but I think I might add some white paint to add a bit of contrast. They are painted on, not embroidered or silk screened.

Overall, I would recommend this dress. You might want to make a few alterations to make it special to you. But I am very happy with it!

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