Is comparison living hijacking your life?

Do you find yourself measuring your value against your friend’s house, body, marriage, resume, paycheck, organic garden, or Pinterest-worthy holiday décor, and coming up lacking? Do your colege roommate’s Instagram snapshots bear little resemblance to the scene at your house this morning?

Excessive comparison and competition sap our energy and steal our joy. Our friends become our audience and judges, and our kids become part of our brand. Add social media’s constant invitation to post and peruse, and it’s no wonder that we’re left exhausted, discontent, and lonely. Thankfully, there is another way!

With  refreshing candor and humor, Kay Wyma shares her experiences with comparison living and offers readers the simple remedies that helped her and her family reboot their perspective and discover freedom, authenticity, and joy.

I think everyone knows that person. That one person who just seems perfect.

Could be a girl you went to college with or a guy you work with. They always look great no matter what, They seem to always have everything together. They can’t take a bad picture.


They just seem to be perfect. That makes you look at yourself and your own life and become frustrated and jealous.

“I’m Happy For You…Sortof not Really” is a book entirely devoted to this conundrum.

Everyone does it to some degree, even if it is hard to admit sometimes.

I felt this book was really great for helping to address this issue.

I think the hardest concept is in the title, saying and genuinally being happy for someon else being happy. It is an easy thing to say you are happy, but another thing entirely to say it and truly mean it.


(I recived a sample copy in exchange for a review)