Book Review- Spinster


I love to read about female empowerment and I am a feminist. So I was excited to receive this book for free in exchange for a review.

The title of this book Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own. From the title, I was expecting a little more empowerment scattered throughout, but I didn’t really feel that come across. I expected more of taking the term spinster and making it a powerful title.

This book kindof reads like an informal essay or a very formal diary. The paragraphs don’t flow very evenly into one another, rather the author has a new thought she expresses with every few sentences. It certainly isn’t bad, it just isn’t my cup of tea. I had a hard time relating to her stories and her journey.  I think this book is best for women aged 40+, it would also make a nice piece for those who want to read a page or two before bed.



Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub


THE SEA SALT BODY SCRUB: Made with Real Dead Sea Salt – 100% Pure and Genuine for an infusion of 21 Minerals Essential to Proper Skin Function. Great Exfoliator and Moisturizer.

THE BENEFITS: Fine Grain Dead Sea Salts Exfoliate the Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells to Reveal a New Younger Looking Layer of Radiant Skin. Deeply Moisturizing Oils Infuse Skin With Luxurious Hydration that Lasts All Day

Works Great in The Shower or Bath – Also a Great Hand Exfoliator to use in the Sink or Foot Scrub

I have always loved the idea of sea salt scrub, I have not however, always loved the execution of sea salt scrub. It always feels way too corse of a grain. I always felt like I was scrubbing my skin off and instead of feeling like I was just being exfoliated good and proper.

So I was excited to get this sample free for an honest review. The first thing I noticed was the generous amount of oil the salt is packaged with. This was a plus for me, because I have had salt scrub that was way too dry.

The scrub I received was in the ocean breeze scent. Upon first whiff of the stuff, I wasn’t sure I liked it, but as I tried it, and got used to it, I liked it very much. It is soft, and powdery and clean smelling.

But the very best thing about this was the fine grain of the salt. It was a big step above the rest in comparison to other salt scrubs.

I would definitely use this product again!

You can get it at Amazon or at


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