Adovia Mud Mask


Adovia Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask is the Most Effective and Potent Natural Acne Treatment Mask on the Market. If You Don’t Feel Your face Looks Younger, Smoother and More Attractive after 1 Month of Use we will Give you 100% of Your Money Back. (That’s how confident we are that our Dead Sea Mud Mask Works!)

The Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask by Adovia:
• Pulls out Toxins and Unclogs Pores so Your Skin Can Breathe and Rejuvinate Naturally
• Pulls out Excess Oil While Putting In Much Needed Essential Minerals from The Dead Sea
• 100% Natural, Paraben Free, No added Fragrance or Color
• Improves Your Complexion by reducing blackheads, acne blemishes and the appearance of acne
• Supplies nutrients to maintain elasticity and a soft, even texture.
• Helps with Oily Skin, Acne Treatment, Blackheads, Blemishes, Psoriasis, Eczema

Here Are Just a Few Ingredients We Use and Their Benefits
• DEAD SEA MUD – packed with over 26 Minerals essential for skin health Dead Sea Mud Pulls out Toxins and Pore Clogging Particles while infusing skin with Much Needed Minerals
• Aloe Vera so that Your Skin is Not Overdried But Gets Natural Level of Moisture
• Vitamin C – for improving overall skin complexion and smoothness


I am so impressed by the ingredients list. It is full of vitamins and oils and of course that amazing dead sea mud that is literally epic of biblical proportions.

I love the mud mask, you can feel the toxins being soaked up out of your skin and your face and neck feel so clean after you wash it off.  The bottle is a generous size and I lit that it is in a tube instead of a pot like most masks.

You can order some here.


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Dead Sea Mud Mask


For some time I have known about the amazing qualities of products made from the natural resources of the Dead Sea.  If you don’t know The Dead Sea, which is  also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordered by Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to the west. It is called the salt sea because of all the minerals that have been deposited into it. The minerals and mud have been used for beauty and medicinal treatments for many years.

Because of this, I am thrilled to be partnered with Pure and Essential Minerals in their sponsorship on this product review of their Dead Sea Mud Mask.

DEAD SEA MUD HAS BEEN RENOWNED FOR CENTURIES AS A NATURAL BEAUTY REMEDY! – Here’s how it works: As this luxurious mud mask gently dries on your face, it draws out excess oils, impurities & grime from your skin. At the same time your skin is infused with ancient Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. This mask leaves your face clean, fresh and blemish free. Used weekly your complexion will gain a new clarity and all-day glow

  • GIVE YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES A GIFT FROM THE WORLD’S MOST ANCIENT SPA! This Ancient Mud Mask From The Dead Sea Contains 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients. DID YOU KNOW? A single Dead Sea mud mask at a Professional Spa will cost you $90 to $120? This product offers you 30+ Pure Dead Sea facial mud masks per jar!
  • THE BENEFITS OF THIS MUD MASK ARE COUNTLESS! Renowned anti-aging properties tighten pores, reduce wrinkles and lines and promote youthful, healthy, natural skin. A weekly mud-mask will diminish and heal the most common skin issues including Blemishes, Acne, Breakouts, Pimples, Blackheads, Eczema and Psoriasis. Use as a facial mask, spot treatment or full body mask
  • WE USE ONLY THE PUREST INGREDIENTS – Why compromise your health with products that contain chemicals? Our Dead Sea Mud Mask contains only 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients – free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens or chemicals of any kind. Cruelty Free, Vegan Certified

I am so pleased with this product. It is very creamy and luxurious.  You can feel the product tightening your skin as it pulls out impurities. Your skin feels very clean afterward. I definitely recommend this fabulous mask.

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Age-Defying Retinol Serum


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Once again InstaNatural has delivered another great skin care product.

The ingredients in this serum create a great formula that feels great on your skin.  I am always searching for fantastic face and skin care products and I highly recommend InstaNatural Products.

InstaNatural’s Age-Defying Retinol Serum contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants and nutrients that nourishes your skin while helping it to look younger and healthier. The serum contains Retinol (Vitamin A), which is an antioxidant that protects against free-radical damage that causes your skin to look and feel older. It is highly effective in reversing the appearance of sun damage and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and rough texture. Vitamin C works synergistically to aid in this process of repairing and restoring damaged skin, while also stimulating new healthy skin to appear. Meanwhile, Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture in the skin to prevent further loss so you can enjoy a younger looking appearance with firmer, plumper skin.

Key Ingredients:
+ 2.5% Retinol
+ 20% Vitamin C
+ 10% Hyaluronic Acid
+ Plant & Fruit Acids

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Retinol Moisturizer


While I am still pretty young, I am always looking for ways to improve my skin and age as gracefully as possible.

I have worked with Instanatural and am always impressed with their products. I am happy to be working with them once again on this sponsored post, where I will give an honest review in exchange for an free sample.

InstaNatural’s Retinol Moisturizer contains a robust formula of handpicked ingredients designed to transform older, damaged skin into a healthier and youthful appearance. Retinol is a powerful antioxidant derived from Vitamin A, one of the strongest and most trusted ingredients for anti-aging skin care. Once absorbed, Retinol is converted into Retinoic Acid, which starts working to help restore skin and diminish the appearance of sun damage and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and more. Vitamin C – another powerful antioxidant – works synergistically to aid in this process of battling early signs of aging, as well as repairing existing damage to promote healthier skin. Simultaneously, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Green Tea deliver premium nourishment and hydration to keep your skin moisturized.

This intensive moisturizing cream is the perfect addition to your regimen to restore and renew firmness, elasticity and thickness of the skin for a flawless and radiant complexion.
This is a list of the  Key Ingredients:
+ 2.5% Retinol
+ Vitamin C
+ Hyaluronic Acid
+ Jojoba Oil
+ Shea Butter
+ Green Tea

I always look for jojba oil vitamins, and shea butter, the green tea is a bonus.

I am unfamiliar with retinol but based on my reading and research I have done, I am excited to use these products.

I think finding a great facial moisturizer is a herculean task, and Insta Natural has made it much easier!

Check them out here:

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Old Factory Candles


(I received a free sample in exchange for review)

I am a complete sucker for candles. I love them so much! Which is why I was SO excited to work with Factory Candles on this sponsored post!

Old Factory candles are hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming cotton candle wicks, and premium fragrance oils. The Old Factory Candle Gift Sets each contain 3 different scented candles. Each candle burns clean and even for 20 hours. The subtle jar design makes it the perfect complement for any decor, and any room of the house – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family room, great room, and basement. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. So everyone is sure to find something perfect for every occasion, every room in the house, and all the special someones in your life. Old Factory Candle Gift Sets are sold exclusively on Amazon.

You can get your own set on Amazon here! Old Factory Candles

I tried Romance kit and love it! Whenever buying candles I am always really concerned about the smell being overwhelming. When smelly good stuff doesn’t smell good, it is just lousy!
The Romance theme has three candles within this set that are romantic in nature, Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate are the theme scent choices.

The champagne scent is my favorite. It is unbelievable! Soft and floral with a touch of spice. It is just heavenly!

The dark chocolate smells just like cocoa.Being dark chocolate it has a tiny bitter bite that I love!

The rose petal is a tiny bit strong for my personal taste but in a large room it smells nice! Perfect for a rainy spring day!

Also have to note that this shipped quickly from Amazon and customer service was fantastic!

I am so thrilled with these and I would recommend them to anyone!


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Review- Ageless Derma

(I received a free product in exchange for an honest review)

I am excited that Ageless Derma was willing to sponsor this post. Ageless derma offers many products including; aging eye treatment, skin whitening products, mineral makeup, anti-wrinkle cream, treatment for dark circles, Hyperpigmentation treatment, and products for puffy eyes and firming cream.

I was given a free Ageless Derma Satin lip gloss in exchange for a review. The color is the one downfall on this product. The texture feels amazing. You can feel your lips being nourished and it leaves them super soft. This gloss contains vitamin E, grapeseed extract aloe vera, green tea extract, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. These are all amazing for your skin and lips. This product is not gluten free.

The color is called ruby, if you are familiar with the jewel ruby, it is pretty dead on. it is more pink red than deep red. Which means you only need a little bit to make an impact. I found that the gloss color stained my fingers, I would recommend picking up a brush to apply the gloss to avoid this.

This product is really perfect for women who love chapstick, and don’t care for gloss or lipstick. This is a way to nuture your lips and give them a little healthy tint.

To purchase your own go to:
To follow them on Facebook:
To check out their youtube channel go here:
To follow their tweets:

Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation. If a giveaway is being held: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks


Review-Radiantly You


I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the following products for free in exchange for an honest review.

First of  all I have to talk about how everything smells! These products all smell so marvelously. Strong, but by no means overwhelming.

My favorite product is definitely the Amber Vanilla whipped body butter.


I have eczema, and this allergy season has been rough on my skin. I am so hooked on this product, I use it every single day, This body butter is packed with shea butter and When I put this on I can feel my skin being nourished. It is like medicine. The body butter Is 14.50 a trip to the dermatologist is about $80 not including prescriptions.  I can see myself buying it for the rest of my life.(

ILVSS_320 LOVE the lavender body scrub I got. When I first opened it I just stood there smelling it. It makes for a relaxing bath!


The chocolate lip balm is just as nourishing on my lips as the body butter is on my skin.(


The natural herb decongestant has been awesome on those fun spring hay fever days! I might have to give a tub of this to my dad, who hates taking medicine.(

I want to try the Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar, and the tea tree oil shampoo bar.

A little information about the owner, Melissa Brown

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and her products reflect that!

A few days ago I saw a Facebook post about GMO’s . I had no idea what it was and to be honest even after reading about them and the causes against them I still am not %100 sure. When faced with the problem of massive amounts  of products being bad for you. The question for me becomes: “Okay what can I do right now to avoid these bad things? “ It seems like I never get a clear answer.

This is a big reason why I am so grateful for companies like Radiantly You.  Instead of just yelling at me, the amazing owner of Radiantly you took control and puts out a fabulous product that is not only handmade and all natural, but works too!

 They put as few ingredients as possible. Which I love, I have a good friend with Celiac disease as well as other chronic allergies. When she first was diagnosed she learned the hard way that going gluten free means a lot more than not having a biscuit with dinner. It means you have to be aware of gluten used as a binder in dozens of beauty products. She can only use gluten free shampoos, and lotions.

I recommend this to all my readers as well as my friends and family.

Here is the website for ordering:

Follow them on facebook here:

Check them out on Etsy:



Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own. This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation. If a giveaway is being held: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks.

Review- Quince Body Butters

Recently I was shopping for body butters as a gift, and I was becoming very frustrated by prices and selection. My go-to place is always Bath and Body Works, but the person I was shopping for doesn’t have the same lust for Bath and Body Works products that I am. I looked up other specialty stores. One boutique looked promising, the price was 18.50. That made me sick. Then I looked at shipping prices. From this particular store there were two options, one was 10.00 and the other was 50.00 Yes. You read that correctly; 50.00. For shipping. For shipping one jar of body butter that weighs less than a can of soda.
Out of pure frustration, I turned to the only help I could think of: Facebook. I sent out a blast and asked where they shop for body butters. Someone finally gave an answer; Quince.
Quince specializes in Body Butters. They only make body butters, and that is their commitment.

From the website:
Quince is proud to provide high quality skin care products to make you look good and feel good. Our body butters are brimming with natural ingredients known to improve the health and appearance of skin. All Quince products are proudly produced in our own facility right here in the U.S.A. and are never tested on animals. Be assured that our natural ingredient products are preserved without the use of parabens or ureas, and do not contain any petrolatum, mineral oil, dyes, propylene glycol or sulfates. Our continuous product research and development allows Quince to offer the very best global ingredients to our U.S. customers while enhancing our product appeal in foreign markets. Our mission is to provide high quality products that help improve skin health, smell delicious, inspire, and make you feel good all over. Quince is committed to becoming a premier manufacturer of body butters through careful research, new product development and quality manufacturing with the goal of making Quince a respected household brand name

Relaxing with chamomile and Lavender is probably my favorite scent. It has Peach, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean, which makes it sooo feminine and nice.
Back to the original problem. The prices are great. This product feels and smells fantastic. These would make awesome gifts for the girly girl in your life or anyone else who can use a little pampering. This is a boutique level product available at the Target price and is my go-to shopping for body butters.

Review-CUE Lip Balm

I would like to thank Cuebalm for sponsoring this post in exchange for my honest opinion.
CUE stands for Condition. Uphold. Enrich This product does indeed condition uphold and enrich your lips.
My favorite thing about this product is that contains only three ingredients: jojoba oil, beeswax, and vitamin e. These ingredients are all natural and contain some amazing healing and helpful properties. These include natural antioxidants and emollients. If you suffer from conditions such as celiac disease or severe allergies it can be very frustrating to find products that are luxurious and healthy.
I have been keeping this balm by my bedside and put it on before I go to bed. I love that there aren’t any colors to ruin my pillowcase. It is very nourishing and feels great. It doesn’t smell or taste like a sweet or fruity flavor which I like. It leaves a nice soft natural sheen on my lips. If you love the natural lifestyle and don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, this is a great product for you. Also, Cuebalm is NOT tested on animals.
I would also highly recommend this to people who live in a hot and dry region. I am reminded of a time a few years back when my brother was stationed in Afghanistan and he asked us to send him chapstick. This would have been a perfect choice for him. It is protective and nourishing without being too girly to pull out of a BDU.
You can purchase this balm at
You can also follow them on Twitter here :
Head over to this link to like them on Facebook here:!/pages/Cuebalm/376537599120011?fref=ts

Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own. This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation.

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