Thank you for your service-Remembering Vietnam

A few days ago I saw this video.

It stayed in my head just wouldn’t leave.

That is what happens when truth gets right up in your face and makes you watch and listen.

This video features a Vietnam Veteran.

Vietnam isn’t really talked about anymore, it isn’t really taught in schools. So many younger Americans may not understand this, so I will attempt to explain.

Vietnam ripped our country apart. The emotions about this war still run deep.

The man in this video represents Americans who were drafted in to the service. Not volunteered.

Think for a second if you can how unbelievably scared you might have been.

Many Americans were killed, injured or traumatized by the Vietnam war.

I have a brother who has served in Afghanistan. Walking around in his uniform, I have been amazed at how very many people have some so many  incredibly kind things. Little children have shyly asked for handshakes. Many “Thank you for your service.” and, “Because of you my children can sleep at night”. And countless other beautiful words.

Often my father is around to hear these things.

My father served during Vietnam.

Do you know what people called my father  at that age?


Never hero.

Many of us have  fathers and grandfathers who may have served.

Have we ever said “Thank you?”

Let us remember ALL of our troops. Past. Present. Future.

Thank you for your service.



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